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Greetings from Fr. Frank Pavone!

Dear Seminarians,

Seminarian Life Link continues to grow, thanks to your commitment and that of so many seminarians like you!

The key to the growth of this outreach to seminarians will be your communication with us. Keep us posted on the activities being undertaken at your seminary, so that through this website we can keep other seminaries informed and inspired with new ideas for pro-life activity.

Don’t miss our You Tube channel just for seminarians, our Facebook page, and our regular webcasts by which you can connect with me, our Priests for Life team, and seminarians around the nation.

Please know that I am also willing to come to your seminary to speak and to assist your efforts in any way that would be helpful.

May the Lord of Life continue to nurture your vocation and make you effective apostles of life. Be assured of my daily prayers.


Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life


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